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The Angosian people are a humanoid race native to Angosia III. Outwardly, Angosians are indistinguishable from humans.

Ordinarily the Angosians are non-violent, preferring intellectual pursuits over violence, however they fought the Tarsians[citation needed] in the mid 24th century. Following the war, the Angosians made a rapid recovery, and made an application for membership in the United Federation of Planets.

The Angosians are notorious for their super-soldier program, a biological enhancement performed on troops who are made into perfect killers through drugs and surgery. (TNG video game: Birth of the Federation)

In Birth of the Federation, the Angosian super-soldier academy gives a 50% increase to an empire's "ground combat" attribute.

Their application to join the Federation was put on hold when it was discovered that the Angosians had enhanced a number of soldiers to help them defeat the Tarsians[citation needed], and the Angosians had proved unwilling to undertake the effort to even partially reverse the process. (TNG episode: "The Hunted")

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