The Anjurwan were a humanoid race native to the Minara system in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants. Anjurwan are empaths, and some are able to absorb emotional and physical reactions of others, enabling them to heal injuries. Anjurwan also lack vocal cords, rendering them mute.

The Anjurwan were rescued from the Minara system by the Vians when their star went nova. (TOS episode: "The Empath") From the Minara system, at least some Anjurwan were transported to the Delta Quadrant, and the homeworld of the Vashnar. The Vians left the Anjurwan, and the Vashnar took them into their society, where they served as healers. (VOY short story: "The Healing Arts")

The name "Anjurwan" is from the short story; no name was given on screen for this race

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