Antica is one of two inhabited planets in the Beta Renner star system, and is home to the canine Antican civilization. In 2364, Antica applied for Federation membership. (TNG episode: "Lonely Among Us"; Decipher RPG module: Worlds)

It would appear that the Antican membership was progressing but was not fully resolved by the 2370s, as ST reference: Star Charts did not list Antica as a Federation member world, although the planet's color code on the map indicated Federation affiliation.


Antica Northern Ice CapAntica Southern Ice CapLan'id ForestCho'd'nDas'ri ForestDastThoreThoreen StraitTler'n ForestTler'k'n MountainsPlain of SortSartiPolar OceanLer'na MountainsForest of Tar'g'nStones of the Great PackChahda PlainsChalg'ra OceanThegarAlta'n'd MountainsSea of RinalLorit'a'r ForestArn't'nSo'sh'n ForestChal'in SeaSoga MountainsLake ItarGarfa PlainsLaranth MountainsCan'ld'rKart'in Ocean



Sector 500
Beta Renner system (AnticaSelay) • Beta Renner CloudParliament system (Parliament)

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