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Antos was a male Cardassian active as a gul in the Cardassian Defense Force in the early 25th century. (STO mission: "Standoff")


A decorated CDF veteran, Antos was cited six times for bravery and was a recipient of the Jevonite Cross of Valor. He was involved in battles against the True Way at at Kora II and Adarak Prime. He also mentored a number of senior CDF officers.

His son was killed in a True Way terrorist bombing in Lakarian City's amusement district on stardate 85458.18 (2408).

On stardate 86346.22 (2409) Antos was injured in a console explosion, sustaining severe burns and fractures to his right hand. He was removed from duty for six days, spent at the Okundek Medical Facility on Cardassia Prime.

Later in 2409 Antos was implicated as a traitor to the Cardassian Union, a double agent for the True Way intending to defect, and he and his Galor-class vessel were pursued by three other Galor-class ships, led by his former protege Surjan whom Antos had previously recommended for promotion to gul. Antos' pursuers cornered him in orbit of Bajor but Surjan refused to fire on his former mentor, instead trying to convince him to surrender. Antos claimed he had been framed. Their back-and-forth was detected by Samua, a Starfleet cadet repairing a communications array in the city of Hathon, and a starship was dispatched to investigate.

The commanding officer of the allied vessel convinced both parties to meet in the conference room, and in short order determined that a recorded conversation of Antos intending to defect had been fabricated, a video of Antos breaking a True Way sympathizer out of jail was in fact of a changeling masquerading as Antos (the changeling had fired a phaser with Antos' right hand, which should have been unusable due to injuries sustained on stardate 86346.22), and a supposed piece of technology found on Antos' desk was in fact a form of animal dung from Ravek VI and unrelated to the case. Antos was cleared of all wrongdoing and returned to active duty. (STO mission: "Standoff")

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