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Kelvis apple DC Comics

Kelvis enjoys an apple.

An apple (Malus domestica) is an edible fruit of the apple tree. They generally have a sweet taste, and can be red, green, or yellow in color. There are numerous varieties native to Earth, as well as others originating from other planets.


At a reception at the Federation Council meeting hall in San Francisco, the Klingon Kelvis used an apple, thrown at a high velocity, to render Dav unconscious. (TOS comic: "The First Thing We Do...")

In order to appear inconspicuous among Human Starfleet cadets, Data learned to order a chicken sandwich, apple and glass of milk when eating in company. Tasha Yar referred to the meal as "misfit camouflage". (TNG novel: Survivors)

Commander William Riker, while inspecting Farpoint Station in 2364, expressed a desire for an apple. Miraculously, a bowl of red apples appeared moments thereafter on the desk of Groppler Zorn, having been created by the station. (TNG episode & novelization: Encounter at Farpoint)

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