Ar Bintor was a male Heiren who served as Second Minister of Security for the city of Heir'at on Heir'tzan in the mid-23rd century.

During the reconciliation ceremony between the Heir'tza and the Heir'och in 2251, Bintor was in charge of all of the security arrangements across the city. When the USS Republic transported personnel to the surface to supplement the security personnel, Bintor ordered James T. Kirk, Gary Mitchell and Phelana Yudrin, to stand guard inside a bakery which was near one the temples in the city.

When the bakery was raided by six kidnappers who made off with Perris Nodarh, Ar Bintor was among those that were seriously injured. Thankfully, he was moved to a nearby medical facility and made a complete recovery. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Republic)

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