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Eisenberg as Nog.

Aron Eisenberg is an American actor who is best known to Star Trek fans for playing Nog in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Eisenberg also voiced Nog in Star Trek: Online.

Eisenberg's other characters include a Kazon youth in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Initiations", a Harlem newspaper vendor in "Far Beyond the Stars" and a holosuite character seen in the background of Vic Fontaine's lounge in "What You Leave Behind".

Eisenberg holds the record for the highest number of appearances for a recurring character in DS9, with appearances in forty-seven episodes, including the feature-length pilot "Emissary" and feature-length finale "What You Leave Behind".

In 1995, Eisenberg wrote "The Rules of Diplomacy", a Malibu DS9 comic that saw Nog escort the Klingon Gronn to Ferenginar.

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