An assignment patch is a badge or emblem worn as part of one's uniform, to distinguish one's mission or posting. Mission patches were first used by NASA's Gemini 5 crew in 1965, and new patches were created for subsequent missions.

By the 22nd century, with longer-term interstellar missions, these patches, also known as service patches, came to be identified with a ship, rather than any single mission that ship carried out. Earth's and the Federation's assignment patches were worn on the left sleeve of the standard duty uniform. (ENT episode: "Broken Bow",TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond et al.)

By the 23rd century, Federation Starfleet patches became smaller and more stylized, and also were moved to the left breast of the standard uniform tunic. For example, the USS Rickover assignment patch was a stylized representation of interlocking rings, while the USS Monitor patch represented the shape of a comet. (TOS episodes: "The Cage", "Where No Man Has Gone Before"; TOS novels: The Starless World, Prime Directive; et al.)

When uniform tunics were not worn, many crew people instead wore standard jumpsuits or other utility clothing. While such identification was sometimes omitted, simpler embroidered patterns were worn on the uniform breast. On smaller ships where the uniform of the day was less formal, such as the USS Sagittarius, a regular assignment patch could be worn on a plain jumpsuit. (TOS episode: "The Cage", et al.; VAN novel: Harbinger)

By the 2270s, assignment patches were phased out, in favor of a metallic pin of a single design, formerly used as the assignment patch of the USS Enterprise, now used to represent all of Federation Starfleet. (TOS movie: Star Trek: The Motion Picture, et al.)

Assignment patch chartEdit

1960s-2060s NASA/ISA, etc.Edit

Apollo 11 ESS Charybdis Ares IV International Space Agency Phoenix
Apollo 11 patch Charybdis Patch Ares IV patch ISA patch Phoenix patch

2150s Earth Cargo ServiceEdit

ECS Horizon
Horizon patch006

2140s-60s Earth StarfleetEdit

Starfleet Headquarters Starfleet Mission Control Starfleet Security's Sol Sector division USS Franklin (NX-326) Columbia (NX-02) Enterprise (NX-01) Cold Station 12 SS Intrepid NX-01 MACOs
United Earth Starfleet Emblem Starfleet Mission Control patch Starfleet security patch Franklin Patch NX02 NX01patch Cold Station 12 assignment patch Intrepid crest MACO

2150s Terran Empire StarfleetEdit

ISS Enterprise ISS Avenger
ISS Enterprise (NX-01) Patch
ISS Avenger Patch

23rd century StarfleetEdit

sciences division command division operations division
Starfleet Headquarters and Starbases (2260s) Starfleet base insignia
Archernar IV contact station Archernar sci patch Archernar cmd patch Archernar ops patch
Federation Deepspace Research Facility 39 FDRF39
Starbase 13 Starbase 13 sci patch Starbase 13 cmd patch Starbase 13 ops patch
USS Antares Antares assignment patch
USS Brazzaville USS Brazzaville sci patch USS Brazzaville cmd patch USS Brazzaville ops patch
USS Constellation Constellation sci insignia USS Constellation (NCC-1017) assignment patch Constellation ops insignia
USS Constitution Constitution sci insignia Constitution cmd insignia Constitution ops insignia
USS Cortez USS Cortez sci patch USS Cortez cmd patch USS Cortez ops patch
USS Defiant Defiant sci insignia USS Defiant (NCC-1764) assignment patch Defiant ops insignia
USS Eagle USS Eagle ap
USS Enterprise (until 2270) Enterprise sci insignia Enterprise cmd insignia Enterprise ops insignia
USS Exeter Exeter sci insignia USS Exeter (NCC-1672) assignment patch Exeter ops insignia
USS Farragut Farragut sci insignia Farragut cmd insignia Farragut ops insignia
USS Fortune Fortune sci insignia Fortune cmd insignia Fortune ops insignia
USS Hastings USS Hastings insignia
USS Oxford Oxford sci insignia Oxford cmd insignia Oxford ops insignia
USS Republic USS Republic sci insignia USS Republic cmd insignia USS Republic ops insignia
USS Yorktown Yorktown sci insignia Yorktown cmd insignia Yorktown ops insignia

2270s StarfleetEdit

medical branch sciences branch flight-operations branch command branch tactical-operations branch engineering branch
Admiral James T. Kirk and USS Enterprise (2270s) Enterprise 2270s med insignia Enterprise 2270s sci insignia Enterprise 2270s gold insignia Enterprise 2270s cmd insignia Enterprise 2270s gray insignia Enterprise 2270s eng insignia
Epsilon IX Station Epsilon9 med insignia Epsilon9 sci insignia Epsilon9 gold insignia Epsilon9 cmd insignia Epsilon9 gray insignia Epsilon9 eng insignia
USS Venture Venture med insignia Venture sci insignia Venture gold insignia Venture cmd insignia Venture gray insignia Venture eng insignia

Kelvin timeline Edit

USS Kelvin Starfleet
Starfleet patch

24th centuryEdit

Starfleet Command Deep Space 9 Mayflower Jupiter Station
Starfleet Command logo DS9 insignia USS Mayflower emblem
Jupiter Station patch

External linkEdit

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