The assimilated carrier was an unidentified Klingon Defense Force Vo'Quv-class carrier from the Klingon Seventh Fleet that was assimilated by the Borg in 2409. (STO mission: "The Cure Found")


The Seventh Fleet, led by the IKS Kang under Captain Ja'rod, son of Torg, responded to reports of a Borg incursion in the uninhabited Vorn system. Upon arrival most of the fleet was destroyed or assimilated, and the Borg began manufacturing additional vessels from the acquired knowledge.

Reinforcements from Omega Force arrived, rescued Ja'rod and his surviving crew, and systematically demolished the Borg shipyards. The carrier decloaked and deployed a number of embarked birds-of-prey, but it, too, was soon destroyed. (STO mission: "The Cure Found")

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The Borg appeared to have solved the problem of cloaking a vessel the size of a Vo'Quv-class, as the ship was invisible to the Omega Force ships' sensors until it decloaked. (STO mission: "The Cure Found")



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