Assimilation², Issue 6 is the untitled sixth issue of Assimilation², the Star Trek: The Next Generation—Doctor Who crossover comic series from IDW Publishing in 2012. The story is by Scott & David Tipton, and the art is by Gordon Purcell and J.K. Woodward.

Publisher's descriptionEdit

to be added


to be added



AmatoThe ConduitDataThe DoctorLocutus of BorgJean-Luc PicardAmy PondWilliam T. RikerSeelosDeanna TroiRory WilliamsWorf
Referenced only 
Marcus BertrandCyber-controllerGeordi La ForgeSardick

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Borg cubeUSS Enterprise (Galaxy-class) • TARDIS
Referenced only 
USS Potemkin



Federation space

Shipboard locationsEdit

holodecktransporter room
Referenced only 
briefing room

Stars, systemsEdit

Wolf 359


Naia VIITau Lee
Referenced only 
Borg homeworldDelta IV

Astronomical bodiesEdit

the galaxy

Races and culturesEdit

androidBorgCybermanDai-aiTime Lord

States and organizationsEdit

Borg CollectiveFederationStarfleet

Science and technologyEdit

air filterdimensional spacecore memoryexecutive libraryexecutive library routinesnetwork nexusorbitozonephaserreplicatorstarshiptimelinetransportertricorderuniverse

Other referencesEdit

archiveassimilationBad WolfBattle of Wolf 359captaincommandercounselorGodgoldhoneymoonlanding partylieutenantplanetoidNumber one



Related storiesEdit


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