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The Atlira class was a compact Andorian escort class produced in the 2370s, based on research provided by Starfleet with the Saber and Defiant classes. It was first commissioned in 2374.



It has a fairly small average crew complement of only 35, but is capable of carrying 10 additional passengers with an emergency 120 capacity. It has 2 personnel transporters, 2 cargo transporters, and 1 emergency transporters. It is equipped with a single forward tractor beam emitter.

It has a cruising speed of Warp 6, but is capable of warp 9.6 for 12 hours, and a .75c/.95c impulse system. Its long range sensors have a range of 15 lightyears, and its lateral sensors 1.

It carries a complement of 60 quantum torpedos, and can fire a spread of 5 at once. Its defensive shields are supplied by the Andorian Imperial Guard. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Andorians: Among the Clans)

Known ShipsEdit


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