Attrexian homeworld

Attrexia Prime

Attrexia is the homeworld of the Attrexians, known for the pollution their industrialization has caused to it.

Attrexia is a large source of resources, the main in Attrexia space. Known much more for function then style, Attrexia's surface is covered in power plants and factories. The environment has reached dangerous lows in some areas due to the pollution caused by these, causing some areas of the planet to barely register as Class M acceptable.

Although not very safe, their cities are quite productive, and in a constant state of upgrade, trying to keep up with the technological levels of the surrounding systems.


The hierarchy government on Attrexia is a traditional council, almost entirely made up of women. Although some men enter politics, they usually make up the military and work force. Council members also oversee commercial decisions, trade, and interstellar matters. (TNG video game: Elite Force II)

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