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For other uses, see Azar.

The Azar was a Tarantula-class dreadnought used by Tholian Assembly space forces in the early 25th century. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)


In the year 2409, the Azar led separate Tholian raids on Starfleet and Klingon Defense Force starbases in the Aldebaran Sector. It was destroyed when it entered the system as part of the ninth and final wave of attackers. (STO mission: "Fleet Alert")



Tholian Assembly Tarantula-class starships
AzarIkukubeIskelKetusLelkeneLoskeneNaskeelPresa GranSapheneSeldsparTik'rZagristiZlo'Paukunnamed Tholian Assem logo 01


Azar is one of five possible names randomly selected by the game software for the lead ship of the raiding party, the others being Ikukube, Ketus, Loskene and Naskeel.

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