B'Eler was an engineer in the employ of the Klingon Defense Force who held the position of Research Lead at Ganalda Space Station in the 2400s.


B'Eler was the illegitimate daughter of a servant employed by the House of D'Ghor before it fell. She never knew who her father was.

As a commoner she had little chance of becoming a KDF officer. She served as a common soldier aboard the IKS Azetbur for a year and in her words proved "more handy with a hyperspanner than a bat'leth". She hated serving on the Azetbur and considered her commanding officer a "sadistic wretch".

Klingon Intelligence operative K'men helped her get the post of Research Lead aboard Ganalda Station. The job entailed study of captured technology and weapons for the good of the Klingon Empire.

In 2409 a KDF captain sought her assistance while investigating a spate of incursions by Devidians in the Klingon Neutral Zone. She gifted the captain a synchronic proton distortion prototype assault rifle which she had modified to be effective against the non-corporeal aliens. (STO - "Spectres" mission: "Spin the Wheel")

By 2410 B'Eler had been assigned to House Pegh. During the Iconian War she was assigned to a covert mission to sabotage Omega molecule generators in an Iconian military installation in the Dinasia system. She concurred with an Alpha Quadrant Alliance admiral's assertion that it would behoove the strike team to attempt to stabilize any Omega particles they encountered into Omega molecules to reduce the risk of destroying local subspace in an Omega detonation. During the mission, she improvised a way using one of the Omega generators to strip the Iconian T'Ket of its resistance to conventional weapons, allowing Kahless, son of Kahless to wound T'Ket before he was killed. B'Eler then fled with the rest of the team when its leader Ramir called for an emergency beam-out. She received no apparent credit for her achievement, with all the credit for wounding T'Ket going to Kahless. (STO - "The Iconian War" mission: "House Pegh")

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