B'lii was an orange star with an associated star system located in the Kora sector of Zeta Andromedae sector block in the Alpha Quadrant. It had six planets. (STO mission: "Patrol the B'lii System")


B'lii was formerly controlled by the Cardassian Union but was ceded to the Federation in 2375 as part of the Treaty of Bajor.

In 2388 the Starfleet Corps of Engineers erected a series of subspace radio booster satellites in the system to improve communications with starships in the Badlands and the Rolor Nebula.

In 2409 the renegade Alpha Jem'Hadar loyal to Lamat'Ukan sabotaged the arrays, and a nearby ship was tasked to repair them. They engaged a number of Jem'Hadar warships still in the area during the mission. (STO mission: "Patrol the B'lii System")

B'lii systemEdit

  • B'lii (primary)
    • B'lii I
    • B'lii II
    • B'lii III
    • B'lii IV
    • B'lii V
    • B'lii VI



Zeta Andromedae sector block
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Kora sector B'liiMirish (Mirish Prime) • Oradhe (Eta Oradhe 70)TRD 071944
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