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Bajor IX was the ninth planet in the Bajor system. It was a Class-I gas giant and the largest of the three, along with Bajor X and Bajor XI, located in the star system. (DS9 reference: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, ST reference: Star Charts)

The Star Trek Deep Space Nine Roleplaying Game Narrator's Toolkit lists Bajor IX as a class J gas giant.


Bajor system
orbital landmarks (planets, planetoids, moons & asteroids): B'hava'el (primary) • Bajor IBajor IIBajor IIIBajor IVBajor VBajor VI • VII. Bajor (Baraddo/The ProdigalDernaEndallaJeraddoOstratusPenraddo) • Cajara (Empok Nor) • Denorios Belt (Bajoran wormholeConstruction support station 173Deep Space 9Deep Space 9 (II)) • VIII. Andros (2 moons) • Bajor IXBajor X • XI. Ba'Syladon (Syladdo3 other moons) • Bajor XIIBajor XIIIBajor XIVTiljara (Comet Alpha) Ufp-emblem

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