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The Baneriam hawk is a bird-of-prey.


The animal is known for having excellent hearing. (DS9 eBook: I, The Constable)

Marla McGivers was familiar with Baneriam hawks. In 2267, she thought to herself that Joaquin watched over Khan Noonien Singh like a Baneriam hawk. (ST novel: To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh)

While at Starfleet Academy, Kathryn Janeway was taught how to control a trained Baneriam hawk named Fiona. (VOY novel: The Chance Factor)

In 2369, Quark complained that Odo was sitting in the bar "like a Baneriam hawk looking for prey", despite the fact that the bar was quiet. (DS9 episode: "If Wishes Were Horses")

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