A banjo is a Terran stringed musical instrument.

Doctor Sonek Pran learned to play banjo as a boy while travelling with the A.C. Walden Medicine Show. In his later career as a special diplomatic envoy, he usually brought a vintage 22nd century banjo with him, and played to help himself think. Pran's daughter, Sara Pran Yee, wrote an arrangement of a Talarian song, "Miloraz Silbonni", for the banjo as a birthday gift to her father. Pran later played this arrangement for the Talarian Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

The Nacene Caretaker who brought the USS Voyager into the Delta Quadrant appeared to the crew as a human banjo player, and was later referred to informally as "Banjo Man." (VOY episodes: "Caretaker", "Projections")

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