Bank of Andor

Logo image.

The Bank of Andor was a company that existed within the Andorian government.

It was chartered by the Securities and Exchange Commission and founded on Stardate 0/9901.1. Based at Daldorran on the planet Andor, its president was Valtess'Uvar. The Bank of Andor was clearly the most successful financial institution outside of Orion space as it served as a financial adviser as well as lender to various planetary corporations. This included many of the United Federation of Planets governmental organizations and was also a major repository of the Federations hard currency holdings.

This institution possessed at least three divisions within itself. Andor Prime Financial which was headed by Milith Jargus with its chief product being exclusive financial savings and lending services to the Andorian government. Another division was Andor Galactic Financial which was headed by Larex Oppora that handled financial savings as well as lending services to offworld depositors. The last division was Andor Universal Investments which was headed by Kerv Ballip which dealt with private commercial investment services. (FASA RPG module: The Federation)

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