Barnes was a 23rd century Human man who served Starfleet as a security officer, assigned to Federation starship USS Enterprise in the 2270s. (TOS comic: "A Rude Awakening!")

Along with two fellow Security men, Padilla and Lieutenant Emigh, Padilla accompanied Admiral James T. Kirk, Commander Spock and Dr. Leonard McCoy on a visit to the colony planet Calibus VII. The colony was ravaged by a zombie virus which infected Padilla, causing him to lag behind the others. Checking to see what was wrong, Barnes was bitten by his colleague and infected by the virus. Barnes took longer to transform than Padilla, possibly because he had a stronger immune system. He pleaded with McCoy not to let him die, but McCoy was powerless to help him, and Barnes transformed into a zombie.

McCoy subsequently developed a serum to control the zombie virus. Barnes, Padilla and Emigh were restored to sanity, but their bodies remained ravaged and gray-skinned from the virus, which was dormant in their systems, not fully eliminated. The three Security men were forced to remain on the planet, which was quarantined under General Order 7, but McCoy promised them that he would continue working toward a cure. (TOS comic: "Infestation")

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