The Battle of Artaleirh was a conflict that took place in the Artaleirh system in 2276, initially between the Free Rihannsu rebellion and a Romulan Star Navy pacification force, heralding the start of the Romulan Civil War. A Klingon fleet also appeared late in the fight, intending to make easy prey of the winner and capture the system from both sides, but was destroyed by the Ship-Clan vessel Tyrava. (TOS - Rihannsu novel: The Empty Chair)

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Order of battleEdit

Free Rihannsu allianceEdit

Romulan Star NavyEdit

2 super-heavy cruisers
4 Vas Hatham-class heavy cruisers
3 corvettes

Klingon Defense ForceEdit

16 K't'inga-class heavy cruisers, including