The Battle of Goloroth was an engagement during the Dominion War fought between the Romulan Star Empire and the Dominion on planet Goloroth in the Neutral Zone.

The Romulan forces consisted of a battalion of 600 Reman shock troops under the command of Shinzon, while the Dominion forces consisted of Jem'Hadar troops under the command of the Vorta Rayik.


Several years prior to the battle, the Tal Shiar established, without imperial approval, a top secret research base on the planet Goloroth in the Neutral Zone, a violation of the treaty with the Federation. Recently, Dominion forces took the planet and established a communications relay, gaining control of the Tal Shiar base at the same time, and a joint Klingon/Federation task force was on its way to remove them, risking the discovery of the Tal Shiar lab. To stop the lab from being discovered Reman shock troops under Shinzon were sent to retake the planet and destroy the lab. (ST short story: "Twilight's Wrath")

The battleEdit

The actual battle began when Shinzon's ship, the IRW Draco, dropped out of warp in orbit of the planet and the Reman troops deployed to the planet's surface in drop ships. Many of these drop ships were lost and only 250 troops reached the ground. Once he had his men together he ordered the Draco to fly into the planet at warp speed, a maneuver that caused a subspace disruption wave that disabled all energy weapons, allowing the Remans to use the bladed weapons they'd brought with them in a charge against the Jem'Hadar. Eventually the Remans forced their way into the Tal Shiar lab and Shinzon was able to set off the thalaron generator in the lab, killing the soldiers inside. After this the battle was all but finished, however the Jem'Hadar fought to the last man. (ST short story: "Twilight's Wrath")


Shinzon managed to gain control of the thalaron generator without anyone else's knowledge, later allowing him to take over the empire. (ST short story: "Twilight's Wrath", TNG movie: Nemesis)



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