The Battle of Ravanar IV was a military engagement that occured in 2265, between the United Federation of Planets and the Tholian Assembly over the planet Ravanar IV in the Taurus Reach.



After discovering the Taurus meta-genome on Ravanar IV in 2263, Starfleet established an outpost on the planet to study it. While exploring the planet in 2265, the Starfleet teams found a piece of ancient technology left behind by the Shedai. Upon learning this, the Tholians dispatched a military contingent to destroy it. The Tholian force arrived at the planet to find the USS Bombay orbiting it, to delivere supplies.

The BattleEdit

Captain Hallie Gannon attempted to establish communications, but the Tholian fleet engaged them immediately, intent on destroying everyone and everything on the planet. Despite being highly outnumbered, Captain Gannon ordered to open fire on the Tholian ships, in an attempt to save the lives of the outpost personnel.

With concentrated fire, the Bombay was able to collapse the shields of the lead Tholian ship, the Sek't Tholis and destroy it, but sustained heavy damage from the retaliation. While performing evasive maneuvers and continuously firing, the Bombay managed to catch the Tas'v Tholis with a tractor beam and ram it into the Kil'j Tholis, but continoed to receive a beating from the three remaining ships, and was eventually crippled.

In a last ditch attempt, the dying Captain Gannon managed to lock on the one more cruiser, the Tik'r Tholis with a tractor beam and dragged it close to the Bombay while activating the vessel self destruct system, obliterate both ships.


Despite the heroic actions of the crew of Bombay, the remaining two Tholian vessels razed the planet surface, killing everyone. The USS Enterprise was dispatched from Starbase 47 to learn why they lost contact with the Bombay. They located the remains of the ship and the outpost and brought back Bombay's log buoy to the station, and war with the Tholian Assembly was only avoided by the machinations of Commodore Diego Reyes, Lieutenant commander T'Prynn and Ambassador Jetanien. (VAN novel: Harbinger)