The Battle of Starbase 234 was a military conflict fought between forces of the Alpha Quadrant Alliance and the Iconian Empire for control of the Federation Starbase 234 during the first hours of the Iconian War. (STO video game: The Iconian War)

Prelude Edit

In early 2410Sela escaped Republic captivity and was lately found in the Hobus system by an Alliance captain. She ultimately convinces the captain's crew to assist her, stating that she had vital information about the Iconians. Upon arriving in the Nopada system, they activate an Iconian gateway hidden on a Tal Shiar base on Nopada Prime, leading them to a Dyson sphere hidden deep in the Andromeda galaxy. Once there, the team discover a massive Iconian invasion force. As they retreat to the gateway, an Iconian contacts them stating their galaxy was now forfeit. Ultimately, the team escaped the sphere, but not before it jumped to a location near the Iconia system. (STO mission: "Uneasy Allies")

Sometime later a briefing was organized in Admiral Quinn's office at Earth Spacedock in order to discuss the imminent Iconian invasion. To lead the allied forces during the upcoming battles, Captain Kagran of the Klingon Defense Force was selected. During the briefing, Kagran informed that the alliance had chosen to focus on defending key instalations while getting time to create a strategy to fight the Iconian's gateway technology. (STO mission: "Blood of Ancients")

The Battle Edit

While the briefing was still occuring, the Iconian invasion began: a massive fleet of Herald ships emerged on New Romulus, the Romulan Republic's homeworld and capital planet. At the same time, another Herald fleet was sent to seize control of Starbase 234, being a very strategic location since it was all standing between the Iconians and New Romulus. In order to defend these locations, the Alliance sent the bulk of the fleet to New Romulus and the rest of the fleet was sent to defend the starbase.

As the battle began, the allied fleet engage the Heralds with full force, but due to their unusual ship's technology, the alliance was forced to retreat, but ultimately destroyed the Iconian forces. As soon as the the second wave of Herald ships arrived, Starbase 234 launched their whole group of shuttles wich were transporting all civilians and non essential personell. However, the Heralds used gateways to cut through the starbase's shields and were able to board the station. As the third and final group of Herald ships arrived, the surviving shuttles and only one allied starship were able to warp away while dozens of Herald ships surrounded the starbase and ultimately destroyed it.

Aftermath Edit

The loss of Starbase 234 was just a minor casualty compared to the one quarter of the allied fleet lost in only one day. After regrouping at the Romulan Flotilla, alliance leaders discussed the possibility of that not being a war they could win, but earned some motivation to continue their fight even if that meant they would all die in the process.

"To be blunt, this may not be a war we can win. But we will make the Iconians pay dearly for their victory. We will continue to fight, to save what we can and win where we can, and we will fight until the last one of us falls!" - Admiral Kererek

Connections Edit

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