Bean (SCC-4747/3) was a Federation Starfleet class F shuttlecraft reconstructed for the 225th year of Starbase 11's service. Along with shuttle Conrad, the Bean, piloted by members of Starfleet Academy's Red Squad, performed aerial maneuvers in and around the planetside complex of the base as part of the celebrations in 2376. (ST - New Worlds, New Civilizations short story: "225 Years of Service")

This shuttle has an unusual registry compared to other starbase-assigned shuttlecraft that have registries beginning with their home base's numerical code, such as Starbase 11's own Picasso SB11-1201/1, and Starbase 4's da Vinci SB4-0314/2, or space station-assigned craft such as Starbase 1's NCC-6038/5.


Class F shuttlecraft
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