See also Death Before Dishonor, a comic, and later title of a comic collection containing that comic which was also written by Peter David.

Introduction (blurb)Edit

An enemy so intractable that it cannot be reasoned with. The entire race thinks with one mind and strives toward one purpose: to add our biological distinctiveness to their own and wipe out individuality, to make every living thing Borg.

In over two centuries, the Federation has never encountered a greater threat. Twice Starfleet assembled and threw countless starships to stand against them. The Borg were stopped, the price paid in blood. Humanity breathed a sigh of relief, assuming it was safe. And with the destruction of the transwarp conduits, the Federation believed that the killing blow had finally been struck against the Borg.

Driven to the point of extinction, the Borg continue to fight for their very existence, for their culture. They will not be denied. They must not be stopped. The old rules and assumptions regarding how the Collective should act have been dismissed. Now the Borg kill first, assimilate later.

When the Enterprise manages to thwart them once again, the Borg turn inward. The dark places that even the drones never realized existed are turned outward against the enemy they have never been able to defeat. What is revealed is the thing that no one believed the Borg could do.




9 of 18BaxterBorg QueenBoyajianBrennanAndy BrevoortMackenzie CalhounBeverly CrusherDelcaraLucius FoxGallowayKathryn JanewayEdward JellicoMiranda KadohataLady QGeordi La ForgeZelik LeybenzonLindellMatsudaMeyerAlynna NechayevPerrinJean-Luc PicardHoward RappaportTina RogersTom SchmidtSeven of NineSpockJon StephensT'LanaTraberTwoAntin VargoMark WackerWorfYarrow
Referenced only 
Reannon BonaventureDataMatt DeckerGodGuinanHughThomas JeffersonJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyChristopher PikeQqWilliam T. RikerSarekMontgomery ScottSisyphusSocoDeanna Troi

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Borg cubeBorg supercubeChawlaUSS Constellation (NCC-1017)EinsteinUSS Enterprise-EUSS Excalibur-AUSS FreedomUSS NautilusPlanet KillerPrideSpinradUSS ThunderchildUSS TitanUSS Voyager


BunkerCharonDorvan VEarthEpsilon Sigma VHydra ElysiumJupiterNeptuneNixP'JemPlutoQ ContinuumRigel VSan FranciscoSaturnSector 001Sector 10Sector 108Star System L374TitanVulcanXenexThe Yard

Races and culturesEdit

BorgHumanKlingonPreserverRomulanSpecies 038TholianVulcanXenexian

States and organizationsEdit

Borg CollectiveCorps of EngineersFederation CouncilSarek School of Diplomacy and Ambassadorial StudiesStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet MuseumUnited Federation of Planets

Other referencesEdit

Bendii SyndromeCastrodiniumcloaking deviceCode 9gaghghuy'ChagrozitJudas goatKolinahrneutroniumProject EndgameRomulan aleRubik's CubeSecond Battle of Sector 001Security Protocol 276Slaughter of Sector 108Xeno's paradox


  • The working title for this novel was "Excessum Rector" which can be translated to "The Queen is Dead".
  • An excerpt from this novel was published in issue 134 of the Star Trek Magazine, and in the back of the novels Resistance and Q & A.
  • Events in this book built upon two previous novels – Vendetta and Resistance.
  • The German Translation of this book was titled Heldentod ("Death of a Hero")

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Articles of the Federation
Chapters 13-17 (May 2380)
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Full Circle
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Chapters 48-50
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Full Circle
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