Belandrids were an amphibious humanoid species native to the planet Belandros. They are characterized by their blue skin, yellow eyes with vertical lids, and webbed fingers and toes (seven digits on each hand and foot). Their skin was transparent enough that a little bit of skeleton can be seen. They typically stood approximately just under one meter tall, and spoke in a gurgling voice from a mouth that never left an O-shape. They also had gills which they used to rehydrate themselves with water from time to time.

The Federation made first contact with the Belandrids shortly before 2281. Upon the contact team's return to Earth, a single Belandrid named Obo accompanied them. Obo remained at Spacedock, where he befriended engineering Lieutenant Robert Harper, and also displayed an innate Belandrid ability for technical repair. (TOS novel: The Pandora Principle)

Though it was initially believed Belandrids did not have the discipline or cultural grounding to become Starfleet officers, there were three Belandrids in Starfleet by the 2360s, including Lolo, who served with distinction from the 2360s into the 2380s. (SCE eBook: Progress; ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

Known BelandridsEdit

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