Belem was a Bajoran boy who was born in 2353 and died in 2370. He had a congenital defect that left him with a malformed foot and badly bowed calf, causing him to walk with a rolling limp. In 2370, when an unknown disease struck the refugee camps in the Kaladrys Valley on Bajor, Belem became Taren Gis's assistant in the "infirmary". Belem had two younger brothers: Jin, the middle brother, and Narel, the youngest. When they fled the family farm during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, Belem forgot the family name causing him and his brothers to each only have one name. After Dr. Julian Bashir came to the camp to find a cure for the fever, Belem became his assistant. Bashir later healed Belem's deformed foot. Shortly after his foot being healed, Belem ran away to join the hill fighters. After joining Borilak Selinn's hill fighters, Selinn gave Belem his family name to replace the boy's lost one. Soon, Borilak Belem and many of the fighters became sick with the fever. He told Selinn of Dr. Bashir. Selinn later found Dr. Bashir and took him to the caves. There Bashir cured all but Belem, because his body would not accept the vaccine. Belem later died from the camp fever. (DS9 novel: Warchild)

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