In the mirror universe, Belq was a Klingon guard working on Monor Base. He didn't care much for his supervisor, the halfbreed B'Elanna. In 2371, he escorted Neelix to the laboratory of Lewis Zimmerman at gunpoint, and kept watch on both Neelix and Kes. Belq was bored with the task, and wanted a bowl of gagh and to have sex with Prayak, a galley worker. Kes read these thoughts and told them to Zimmerman, angering Belq. When Belq threatened Kes, Zimmerman got into an argument with the Klingon which resulted in Neelix being thrown into a shelf full of jars, damaging specimens needed for Zimmerman's research. Belq threatened to kill Zimmerman, and the scientist responded by injecting Belq with a compound which boiled the Klingon's blood and killed him. (VOY novel: The Mirror-Scaled Serpent)

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