For other uses, see Bena.

Bena was a female Bajoran alive in the mid 24th century. In 2369, Bena lived on Deep Space 9 with her daughter Dina, and worked in the cargo holds. The discovery of the wormhole made the station very busy, and as a result Bena was forced to work a great deal of overtime, with most of her days consisting of sleeping, eating, and working - with very little time left over for her daughter.

When Gul Dukat's agent Gotto Lon arrived on the station, he went to Bena's quarters, where he tried to force himself on Bena. Before he could do so, the shapeshifter Meta murdered him by causing Gotto's head to explode. The noise caused by Gotto's murder was overheard by Jake Sisko, who summoned security to the quarters. While Meta was deciding whether to kill Bena or her daughter, Odo and Commander Benjamin Sisko found the door was locked. Bena and Dina were saved by Odo when he squeezed through the door, forcing Meta to retreat.

At this point, Bena was completely hysterical, and tried to attack Odo. She was sedated by Doctor Julian Bashir, and revealed to Odo and Commander Sisko that there was a second shapeshifter on the station before being taken to the infirmary. A short time later, Bashir released Bena and her daughter to their quarters, with an armed guard provided by Odo. (DS9 novel: The Siege)

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