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Beta Aurigae was a trinary star system located in the Alpha Quadrant.

History and cartographyEdit

The system contained at least seven planets. One of them, Beta Aurigae VII, was once home to the Zalkatians. (ENT - The Brave and the Bold, Book One short story: "Prelude: Discovery")

At some point prior to the 2220s decade, the Vulcans established a colony on the planet Callista in the Beta Aurigae system. In the year 2225, a colony ship commanded by Captain Mendez headed for that colony went off course, crashing on a world the survivors later dubbed "The Frontier". (TOS short story: "The Leader")

In 2268, an Interstellar Geophysical Conference was held at Beta Aurigae. (TOS comic: "Sweet Smell of Evil")

In 2269 the USS Enterprise rendevoused with the USS Potemkin in the Beta Aurigae system. (TOS episode: "Turnabout Intruder"; TOS comic: "Captain's Personal Log")


  • Beta Aurigae trinary (Menkalinan)
    • Beta Aurigae I
    • Beta Aurigae II
    • Beta Aurigae III
    • Beta Aurigae IV
    • Beta Aurigae V
    • Beta Aurigae VI
    • Beta Aurigae VII
    • Callista



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