Beta Carinae, also known as Miaplacidas or Miaplacidus, is a class A star, visible from Earth in the Carina constellation. (TOS video game: 25th Anniversary)

In 2204, a prospecting rush in Beta Carinae was started when a natural subspace anomaly was found on a dilithium-enriched asteroid. (TOS - The Janus Gate novel: Present Tense)

In 2266, the USS Enterprise transported medical supplies to Beta Carinae. (TOS novel: Shadow Lord)


Stars, systems and objects of the Carina constellation
7 Carinae (Alpha Carinae, Canopus)89 Carinae (Avior, Epsilon Carinae)123 Carinae (Beta Carinae, Miaplacidus)127 Carinae (Iota Carinae, Scutulum)Alpha Carinae (7 Carinae, Canopus)Avior (89 Carinae, Epsilon Carinae)Beta Carinae (123 Carinae, Miaplacidus)Canopus (7 Carinae, Alpha Carinae)Carina ArmCarinae systemEpsilon Carinae (89 Carinae, Avior)Iota Carinae (127 Carinae, Scutulum)Miaplacidus (123 Carinae, Beta Carinae)Scutulum (127 Carinae, Iota Carinae)

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