Beta Scoraata was a star system in the Alpha or Beta Quadrant, located near the edges of Federation and Chalnoth space. As with many frontier systems near the influence of Chalna, Beta Scoraata was claimed by the Chalnoth without preemptive visits or explorations.

The system had at least two planets orbiting, with the second planet having conditions similar to a class M planet and being home to animal lifeforms. When the crews of the Chalnoth Blade and the USS Aquitaine were captured by a crazed animal, a brief battle was fought in the system between the USS Enterprise-D and a group of vessels led by the Chalnoth Bludgeoner under Pathox. Captain Jean-Luc Picard's unorthodox tactics brought the uneven confrontation to a stalemate, when Picard called a ceasefire to rescue the crews of the two ships from the planet. The two parties agreed to leave, with the system remaining as disputed territory. (TNG comics: "Children of Chaos", "Mother of Madness", "Brothers in Darkness")

Should the name of this system follow familiar naming guidelines, it would be, as "beta", the second most prominent system in a group of stars known as "Scoraata".

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