Beta Stromgren was a red supergiant star on the boundaries of Romulan-claimed space. (ST website:

Known space

Known space map showing Beta Stromgren.

Just before the star's explosion as a supernova, the Vega 9 probe detected the star and Gomtuu (the star was 23 parsecs "beyond the limit of manned Federation exploration"). There was time for a couple of Romulan vessels and the USS Enterprise-D to investigate. During this investigation, the star exploded with no indications of where Gomtuu and sole "Tin Man" crewmember Tam Elbrun headed after the encounter. It was said that Gomtuu still orbited the star's remnants after the explosion. (TNG episode: "Tin Man", ST website:

In 2387 (on stardate 64317.6), a fleet of starships led by Sela passed by the remnant of the star as they head toward uncharted space. Klingon long-range sensors detected this. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

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