The Beta-class vehicle yard was one of the most hazardous locations located within a Romulan colony of the Romulan Star Empire. This was simply because it was one of the first structures built on the colony world and that production was nearly non-stop. This made safety a secondary requirement and thus the occupants had to live with the thought that their equipment could break down or blow up at any time.

The central vehicular hall was often one of the first projects made by the colonists. This allowed the production of Romulan vehicles inside its multi-purpose bays which showcased why it was often built first on the colony. While it produced a wide range of craft, this did reduce its production capability. This was why additional wings could be added to the structure upon upgrades. These 'wings' provided the same replicator production capabilities of the main hall and thus increased the vehicle yards production capacity for more complex vehicles and craft.

Despite this, there were several faults with these structures, several problems are present with its design. One of which is power hungry systems, as well as the already mentioned hazardous utilities. Surprisingly, this does not stop colonial commanders from using these facilities to their full use; even if it means putting their workers at risk. (TOS video game: New Worlds)

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