The Betelgeusians were a race of avians originally from a small planet somewhere in the vicinity of the giant star Betelgeuse. As Betelgeuse was entering a later stage of life, heading toward a supernova that would endanger worlds for parsecs around it, the Betelgeusians left their homeworld and migrated out of the region. After that, most of the species lived on space stations and starships.

Having evolved from a race of eagles, Betelgeusians were a two-meter tall humanoid species. Their claw and bone structures were like that of an Earth condor, but Betelgeusians walk upright. Members of the species had two mouths, one for speaking, and the other for eating food. Members of the species had a strong hunting drive, which they needed to sublimate with both sports and other forms of competition.

By the 2270s decade, this species was a member of the United Federation of Planets. The USS Enterprise had a Betelgeusian serving in the sciences division during the V'Ger incident. Following that, Betelgeusians continued to serve on board the Enterprise, including Hrrii'ush Uuvu'it. (TOS movie: The Motion Picture; TOS novel: Ex Machina)

The information on the Betelgeusian species was created by Fred Phillips and Robert Fletcher during production of The Motion Picture.

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