Doctor Bianca Wilder was a female Human Starfleet officer that was assigned to the USS Reliant in 2282 as the Chief Medical Officer. She has dark skin, brown eyes and light brown hair that was braided.

Doctor Wilder had requisitioned a shuttle with a pilot and navigator to complete a medical mission at the Federation observation outpost on Te Awamutu VII. Captain Clark Terrell volunteered with Commander Pavel Chekov to avoid a dull resupply stop at Starbase 34. The three of them took two Reliant engineers on the shuttlecraft Kepler (NCC-1864/05). The mission was a success in stopping an epidemic of the Symbalene Blood Burn from spreading.

As the crew was traveling to a rendezvous with the USS Reliant, the shuttle experienced an escalating plasma wave that blew out the power transfer conduits damaging the warp drive and communications. This forced the crew to crash land on a Class M planetoid.

The crew of the Kepler started exploring the area around their crash site and detected approaching life signs on their tricorder. Unaware that the Gorn were using the planetoid as a training ground, Crewman Skiles accidentally tripped one of the traps and was killed in front of Bates. Believing that the party was in danger, Captain Terrell led the survivors to higher ground in an effort to gain a tactical advantage. There they spotted an approaching patrol and fired their phasers to ward them off.

Since the Gorn translator only worked at short distances, Thak circled around Terrell's party to get closer. Unfortunately he surprised Crewman Bates, who shot the physician. Doctor Wilder quickly discovered the mistake when she found Thak's diagnostic scanner and cellular regenerator.

Upon hearing the report that the physician had been shot, and believing he had been killed, General Rellk ordered more troops to the area with orders to kill the Humans. Knowing that she could heal Thak, Doctor Wilder had the party take the wounded Gorn back to their crashed shuttle. There she hooked up the Gorn equipment to her scanners and translators and was able to use it revive him. Thak was able to show the approaching Gorn that he was OK and to stop a possible massacre. Afterwards the crew was able to complete their efforts to set up a subspace rescue beacon. (ST - Alien Spotlight comic: "Alien Spotlight: The Gorn")

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