Bicek was a female Vulcan in the 24th century. In 2373, she was on planet Bleak Prime, when Dominion forces occupied the planet. As a Dominion slave, she was assigned to perform statistical analyses of the world's mining operations. Working in this capacity, she noted unusual drops in carnacite processing. This lead to the uncovering of a Vorta plot to use stolen carnacite to contaminate Dominion supplies of ketracel-white and spark a Jem'Hadar rebellion. While aiding the investigation of this plot by Anchet Mariole (in fact, the Female Changeling), Bicek was killed by Vorta conspirators.

The Female Changeling, in gratitude for her help, returned Bicek's remains to Vulcan, while posing as Bicek herself. (DS9 short story: "Change of Heart")

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