The Bijani are a humanoid race that had been encountered by the United Federation of Planets during the 24th century. The Bijani were capable of entering into a healing trance when exposed to severe pain in order to protect themselves. Lieutenant Coris Sprint of the USS Righteous was a Bijani.

Description from Star Trek: Borg Edit

Bijani, humanoid. Planet of origin: Bijan.

After the destruction of Bijan by a planetary cataclysm, the Bijani became a nomadic space culture for nearly two millenia, until the discovery of Bijan II. For the past 300 years the Bijani have remade the barren Bijan II into a near replica of their original home.

The Bijani posses a unique psycho-physical response, sometimes referred to as a Bijani pain trance. In the face of great pain or trauma, a Bijani compartmentalizes his mental patterns, storing most of his higher consciousness in a protected area of the Bijani brain, called the Langstrom cortex. During a period of crisis, this phenomena allows a Bijani to complete a complex physical task free from the awareness of pain or fear - and unencumbered by their so-called consciousness. The Bijani pain trance is generally induced by the natural production of adrenaline in response to some physical trauma. This condition may be prevented or reversed by the introduction of an adrenalin block in the Bijani's system. (ST video game: Borg)

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