Billiwog was a male humanoid resident of the village of Dohama on the planet Sanctuary in the 23rd century. He was tall and mostly Human-looking, except for an overabundance of hair on his face and body, with the forehead being the only part of his body not covered with hair. He liked to build small sailboats in his spare time.

In 2268, Billiwog sold a boat to James Kirk, Spock, and Leonard McCoy so they could make a voyage to the island of Khyming. Later, when the three returned to Dohama unintentionally, they encountered Billiwog and were captured with him for the Reborning ritual of the Senites. They would then escape the Reborning cave and go to the Graveyard of Lost Ships, where Billiwog would stay after the Starfleet officers escaped the planet. (TOS novel: Sanctuary)

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