Blate was a male Kornak in the 24th century. As of 2376, he held the rank of colonel in the Kornak Armed Forces, and served as Kornak Security Director.

After Julian Bashir was discovered following the crash of his runabout, Blate was responsible for bringing him to the Rangdron Medical Complex. After clashing with Dr. Idit Kahayn as to the course of treatment, Blate confiscated Bashir's environmental suit for study. When it was determined it contained technology advanced beyond anything else known on the planet, he insisted on having Bashir turned over for interrogation. When Kahayn resisted, Blate appealed to his superior, General Nerrit, and brought him to visit Rangdron. During that visit, Jabari rebels raided the complex and killed Nerrit, allowing Blate to seize greater authorities. (SCE eBooks: Wounds, Book 1, Wounds, Book 2)

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