Blue Star was an Orion starship manufacturing company of the 24th century, based in the Rigel system.

Blue Star designed the Harmony-class starship, commissioned in 2365. Though their original designs were for a regular luxury yacht, the class had a suspect design history, and the finished product was actually a very fast, lightly armed blockade runner. It was advertised as a personal fast escort, supposedly intended for pleasure cruises but perfect for smugglers and border traders.

The vessel was controversial when first released, and its various sophisticated systems caused notice by several governments. The GDM-3 disruptors closely matched those used by the Klingon Defense Force on B'rel-class birds-of-prey. Though not technically illegal, their possession required a permit in most systems, while the Klingons were displeased to see their weapons used in such a suspect model. More worryingly, the LF-45 linear warp drive engines were of a Federation Starfleet design that had not yet been declassified for civilian use, and had only recently reached wide-scale production. The Orion Syndicate was identified by Starfleet Intelligence as the source of the design, while Starfleet's Advanced Starship Design Bureau subsequently received tightened internal security. How exactly the Orion designers obtained the technology for stealthy mono-refracting monotanium hull plating remained unknown.

The Federation brokered diplomatic pressure on the Orion government to cease production of the vessels at Blue Star's facilities. By 2367, the Harmony was no longer being sold, although rumors persisted that the company continued building the vessels into 2368. It was also alleged that they sold the blueprints to the Boslics, who produced knockoff copies of the vessels with falsified registry numbers taken from previously lost vessels (Decipher RPG module: Starships).

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