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A blue giant is a type of giant star with a distinction as a class K star, giving it it's descriptive "blue star" notation. Blue giants are massive stars 10-20 times the mass of Sol that will live for a few million years. These are related to the blue supergiant.

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Blue giantsEdit


Stellar classification
By class and type class O blue-violet starclass B blue starclass A blue-white starclass F white star (white dwarf) • class G yellow star (yellow dwarfyellow giant) • class K orange star (orange giant) • class M red star (red dwarfred giant) • green starbrown dwarfN-type starR-type starS-type starD-type star
By size or makeup black hole/black starcarbon starcollapsardwarf star (brown dwarfred dwarfwhite dwarfyellow dwarf) • giant star (blue giantred giantorange giantyellow giant) • Lazarus starneutron starprotostarpulsarsupergiant starWolf-Rayet star

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