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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

This article or section refers to licensed content which has not yet been released.
It contains information that may change frequently as the expected release date approaches. For in-universe perspectives, this information may be considered speculation until the source is available.
Star Trek: Boldly Go is an ongoing Star Trek comic series from IDW Publishing, following on their long-running TOS series Star Trek which ended with issue 60 in August 2016 to coincide with changes in Star Trek Beyond. This series premiered with a September 2016 issue in honor of the Star Trek franchise's 50th anniversary.


Chronicling the adventures of Captain Kirk and his iconic crew, a danger unlike anything the Federation has faced before threatens our heroes as they explore new worlds and encounter new species. All that plus brand-new uniforms for the crew.(Star Trek Boldy Go Coming This Fall)


Issues Edit

number writer(s) artist(s) published cover(s)
Issue 1
Mike Johnson
Tony Shasteen
19 October 2016
ST Boldly Go 1 Boldly Go -1 sub Boldly Go 1 Photo
Boldly Go -1 RI Boldly Go 1 RE MC Boldly Go -1 RE FPC
Issue 2
November 2016
ST Boldly Go 2 Boldly Go 2 sub Boldly Go 2 Photo
Boldly Go 2 RI
Issue 3
December 2016
Boldly Go 3 Boldly Go 3 sub ST Boldly Go 3 RI
ST Boldly Go 3 RI B
Issue 4
January 2017
ST Boldly Go 4 ST Boldly Go sub 4 ST Boldly Go 4 RI
ST Boldly Go 4 RI B
Issue 5
February 2017
Boldly Go 5 subBoldly Go 5Boldly Go 5 RI A
Boldly Go 5 RI B
Issue 6
March 2017
Boldly Go 6Boldly Go 6 subBoldly Go 6 RIA
Boldly Go 6 RIB
Issue 7
April 2017
ST Boldly Go 7AST Boldly Go 7
ST Boldly Go 7BST Boldly Go 7C
Issue 8
May 2017
Boldly Go 8 RI A
Issue 9
June 14, 2017
Boldly Go 9
Issue 10
July 2017
ST Boldly Go 10ST Boldly Go 10 sub
ST Boldly Go 10 RIST Boldly Go 10 RI2

Appendices Edit

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External Link Edit

Boldly Go article at Memory Alpha, the wiki for canon Star Trek.

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