Boldy Go, Issue 2 is the second issue of IDW Publishing's 2nd series of Star Trek stories taking place after Star Trek Beyond.

Premise Edit

Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Endeavour encounter a new threat to the Federation, but one very familiar to Trek fans. Meanwhile, Spock and Uhura face an uncertain future on New Vulcan.


Months after the events of Star Trek Beyond, the crew of U.S.S. Enterprise has been re-assigned to new ships and new roles. Responding to a distress call from the U.S.S. Concord, Captain Kirk and the U.S.S. Endeavour arrive to find the ship in pieces. A few survivors are rescued, including the Concord's first officer, Hikaru Sulu. The attackers had only one message: Resistance Is Futile.

References Edit

Characters Edit

James T. Kirk • Spock • Hikaru Sulu • Leonard McCoy • Valas • Nyota Uhura • DarwinEllixMurciaClark TerrellZahra

Starships & Vehicles Edit

USS EndeavourUSS ConcordVulcan battleshipBorg sphere
Referenced only 
USS Bradbury

Locations Edit

New VulcanOutpost Armstrong
Referenced only 
Romulan Neutral ZoneRomulus

Races & Cultures Edit


Events Edit

Borg Incursion of 2263

States & Organizations Edit

United Federation of Planets

Other references Edit

Starfleet uniform

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