Boldly Go, Issue 8 is the upcoming untitled eighth issue of IDW Publishing's Boldly Go comics. The issue was written by Mike Johnson. Issue art was by Megan Levens.

Description Edit

It's up to Kirk, Spock and the Academy cadets (including their newest member, Jaylah from STAR TREK BEYOND!) to solve the murder of the Romulan ambassador before the Babel peace conference ends in disaster and a new course is set for galactic war! The finale of an epic storyline with guest artist Megan Levens!

Summary Edit

The Federation and the Romulans met at a peace summit on Babel to discuss joint preparations for the Borg's return. Any optimism about cooperation vanished Romulan Ambassador Joltair died suddenly, and Starfleet Academy Cadet Shev Akria was apprehended as the prime suspect in his poisoning. Cadet Jaylah freed Shev from custody, and now the Romulans demand justice...

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Log entriesEdit

  • Captain's log, supplemental. 
    The Endeavour set out in pursuit of an unidentified vessel potentially connected to the assassination of a Romulan ambassador at the Federation's Babel conference.
    After repeatingly ignoring our hails, the shuttle has taken refuge in the Lotonian Asteroid Belt, hoping we won't be foolish enough to follow.
    They obviously don't know me very well.

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Nyota UhuraHikaru SuluJames T. KirkSpockGrace ChenLucia GonzalesShev AkriaT'LaanVel K'BentayrValasLeonard McCoySarekPilokZahraKintro
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USS EndeavourAltinian marauder (Rapier-class)

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camouflage field

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Boldly Go, Issue 8 article at Memory Alpha, the wiki for canon Star Trek.

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