Bonai in 2372

Bonai was a non-corporeal lifeform native of Denar. He had powers to manipulate matter.


In 2372, Bonai stranded Federation USS Voyager's captain Kathryn Janeway, Kazon Maje Kul'Lar, Vidiian doctor Tarez, and Trabe commander Durin on Denar. When Kul'Lar, Tarez and Durin started to fight each and tried to shoot each other, Bonai disabled and took their weapons. Bonai then had them search for a relic, promising them what they wanted they wanted for their people. Bonai gave them till twilight of the next day. Bonai then had reappeared after Kul'Lar and Durin touched the relic and were taken back their space. Bonai then congratulated Capt. Janeway and Dr. Tarez, and they had proven themselves worthy and were inducted into The Order. He then promised them that they would meet again. (VOY comics: "Relicquest, Part One", "Part Two", "Conclusion")

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