Bone carvings are an art form practiced by the Cardassians.

Iliana Ghemor made a bone carving for her father Tekeny after he was promoted to Legate. (DS9 episode: "Second Skin")

Ghemor entitled the bone carving Ascension and had fashioned it out of a taspar bone. It took her several weeks to sculpt. (DS9 novel: Fearful Symmetry)

In 2370, Quark's cousin Kono robbed a museum on Cardassia V and stole several bone carvings. Soon after, he travelled to Deep Space 9 to sell them to his cousin. When the crew attempted to contact him, he beamed onto a departing Tellarite freighter.

Several days later, Kono returned to sell the bone carvings, but he was intercepted by station personnel who confiscated the bone carvings from him. (DS9 episode: "Shadowplay")

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