The Borg Queen's vessel was a Borg diamond which was used by the Borg Queen to travel. (ST:CCG: What You Leave Behind)

In 2375, the Queen took her vessel to attend the assimilation of Species 10026, so that Seven of Nine could witness it, in the hopes of her rejoining the Borg Collective. (VOY episode: "Dark Frontier")

Borg diamonds
Borg X892-01561X892-14666X892-15608X892-16151X892-16840X892-18416X892-18674X892-44744X892-45110X892-45163X892-46031X892-46511X892-51615X892-55468X892-56161X892-61165X892-67845X892-78616X892-78941X892-79816X892-84106X892-84168X892-86412X892-89161Borg Queen's diamond Borg

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