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A bowling alley is a location where bowling is performed.

In the 23rd century, Constitution-class starships were equipped with a bowling alley as part of their recreational facilities. When Lieutenant Kevin Riley took control of the USS Enterprise in 2266, Riley ordered that a formal dance take place in the bowling alley. (TOS episode & novelization: The Naked Time)

Fan extras filming on the rec deck in TMP saw Lee Cole's directional signage to the ship's bowling alley. The signage is featured on the cover of "ST:TMP Peel-Off Graphics Book".

The video games Asteroid Monsters, Gallery of Amazement, Necroblaster 989 and Smuggler's Treasure were 23rd century holographic games that were set up in the bowling alley of the USS Enterprise in the 2260s. (TOS novel: Crossroad)

Promenade outboard

The Promenade.

According to the guide to the Promenade, there is a bowling alley on the space station Deep Space 9. (ST reference: The Making of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

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